Workplace Hazards & Safety

Workplace Hazards & Safety is an official publication of Pristine Publishing Pty Ltd and is produced mainly for the employers / employees in the Mining, Manufacturing, Building & Construction industries but really every workplace must follow safe work practices which is what makes this publication useful for ALL workplaces.

Workplace Hazards & Safety is published and distributed quarterly and is aimed at giving professional, useful, up to date information on the most current workplace safety practices and related topics. Whether that’d be information on the latest and greatest ergonomic chairs for office workers to hazards spills safety procedures for factory workers to first aid information for mining and construction workers.

It is strategically distributed within your area to support local members, which without support from those local businesses like yours, it would be impossible to produce this publication, as we are not affiliated with any charity or government funded institution.

All advertising support is received with the up most gratitude and we think is truly essential for helping keep your loved ones who work in these dangerous industries safe by giving them up to date information on workplace safety procedures and helpful related topics.

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